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Go Dogs also offers training for your new puppy or adult dog at our facility through Dog Willing Positive Dog Training Solutions.
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Our Dog Training Philosophy

Imagine if you were taken out of your home and dumped into an environment where you didn’t know the language or the customs.  No matter how hard you try, you can only learn certain words of your guardians’ language and are unable to speak it back to them.  Some of what you say in your own language they seem to understand, but they misunderstand a lot more of it.  They get angry at you for so many things that you do, but you don’t know what they want you to do instead.  Frustrating and scary, isn’t it?  That’s what joining your family is like for your new puppy or adopted dog.

Remember that puppies aren’t born into this world knowing our rules.  What we consider “bad” is usually perfectly normal behavior for an untrained dog.  They jump on us, piddle on the rug, lunge on the leash, chew our shoes and then play keep-away with them.  When we call them they only come if they’re in the mood.  Puppies and young dogs often like to use our hands and feet as chew toys.  It’s a good thing they’re so adorable, or else we wouldn’t put up with them!  The good news is that dogs love to learn, and they love structure in their lives.  At  DOG WILLING Positive Training Solutions, we will show you how to change your unruly little critter into a wonderful, well-behaved, happy member of the family.

Our emphasis is on teaching you and your dog the skills that will allow you to better communicate with each other.  My focus is your relationship with your dog, how to improve it, and therefore how to motivate your dog to be WILLING and eager to perform the behaviors that you cue.  We do not use aversive punishment, or any force, fear, pain or intimidation.  Our training tools include food, toys, praise, or whatever motivates your individual dog with joy, not corrections.  Instead of concentrating on telling the dog what NOT to do, we focus on teaching the alternative appropriate behaviors that you want him to do.  We also help you provide your dog’s life with the socialization and structure that he needs to feel secure, confident, and relaxed in all social situations.  Dog Willing’s goal is to help YOUR dog become the best family pet ever!

Now that you know more about us, we would love to learn about your dog! E-mail Lina for class information or call her at 321-765-FIDO (3436).

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