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Go Dogs Grooming OviedoGo Dogs, located behind Shaffer Animal Hospital, is our professional grooming salon. Though the name is different, the high quality service and professional care your pet receives from Shaffer Animal Hospital is also applied at Go Dogs. Before Go Dogs opened it’s doors in the spring of 2005, grooming was offered in the hospital building. Some of our senior patients received their first puppy baths in the Go Dogs tubs! The grooming staff takes pride in providing professional grooming and bathing for your dog. Many of our clients take advantage of the opportunity of having a veterinarian right next door. Minor health concerns or yearly health exams with vaccines can often be addressed while your dog is here for a bath or groom.

Grooming Services Offered

Bath Package
– Bath in high quality veterinarian grade shampoo (medicated shampoos available)
– Conditioner
– Blow dry and brush out
– Ears cleaned
– Nails trimed
– Anal glands expressed externally on dogs less than 35 lbs
– Cologne
– Bandana or Bows
* Baths are priced according to weight and hair length

Mini Groom Package
– Everything listed in the Bath Package above
– Hair around the paws and pads of feet are trimmed
– Face is trimmed
– Sanitary area is trimmed

Puppy Grooms
Let us help you familiarize your dog with grooming by bringing them in for their first puppy groom! This will help them adapt to the grooming environment, along with the sounds of other dogs and hair dryers!

A puppy groom is similar to a mini groom. This includes a good bath and conditioner. It includes plucking of the ears, sanitary shave, shaving paw pads, rounding of the feet, a brush-out, and a nail trim.

We recommend the first puppy groom be between 10 and 12 weeks to 5 months of age for short hair dogs. Long haired dogs should come in earlier. We also recommend gently handling their feet and ears to get them ready for nail trimming, ear cleaning, and related services. This will be helpful for the grooming process.

Full Groom Package
– Everything listed in the Bath and Mini Groom Packages above
– Assessment at drop off and a Breed Style Trim or Kennel Clip Hair Style

Cat Grooms
– Quiet grooming area available for felines
– Lion style cut offered
– Mini groom includes Bath, Brush out, sanitary shave and nail trim
– Shaving available

Al La Carte Items
– Brush out in between grooms. Done every 3-5 weeks
– Brushing teeth
– Nail trim/Nail dremmel
– In and Outs for dogs with medical issues upon Dr.’s request

Please ask about our PUNCH CARD. Receive 50% off the 6th bath or groom within a one year period!

Holiday Baths and Grooms — We recommend scheduling at least a month in advance as appointments for those times fill quickly!

Go Dogs Grooming

1470 Swanson Dr.
Oviedo, FL 32765

(407) 366-6738

7:30am - 5:30pm

7:30am - 12:00pm


Go Dogs Groomers

Dog Groomer OviedoSandy Matthews

She says she has been grooming since the beginning of time! She has previously owned her own grooming shop and has been with Go Dogs from the time we opened the doors in 2005. Sandy graduated from Central Florida Grooming School in 1995. Sandy is familiar with many different types of grooms and breeds, but her favorite of favorites are the Golden Retrievers.


Dog Grooming OviedoLaura Manis

She has been with the Go Dogs family since 2010. She is a graduate of the Academy of Dog and Cat Grooming Arts in Illinois and is also a current grooming instructor. Laura has also trained dogs and shows Black Russian Terriers. She loves to attend dog shows and is breed knowledgeable, her favorite being the terrier group. This shines with the magnificent jobs she does with these dogs.




Chris Graham

Chris has grown up with animals all his life and is very passionate about them. He graduated from Grooming School. Towards the end of his schooling, he started working in the pet industry at a veterinary hospital. He started out as a kennel tech and slowly learned to assist the doctor as a vet tech and eventually became the fulltime groomer. Three years later Chris became part of the Go Dogs family and adopted the nickname “the dog whisperer”.