Better Boarding

This is our vision for a different kind of boarding experience. One where a team is highly trained, sensitive to any underlying issues or preferences your pet has, and where there is a doctor within earshot nearly all the time. One where your pet’s enjoyment, comfort, and safety always come first. And one where you don’t have to feel guilty leaving your pet. After all, they’re gonna love it.

We will give your dog or cat the royal treatment with expert care and comfortable facilities for your pet’s home away from home. If you would like to see where your companion will stay while you are away just ask for a kennel tour and one of our staff will gladly show you around.

Your canine companion will stay in one of our spacious and comfortable dog runs or cages depending on your pet’s size. We have a variety of different size runs that can hold any size canine or even multiple pets from the same household.

Your feline companion will have their own condo that is separate from the canine section to minimize stress. Each condo contains a shelf for them to sit or lay on and a walkway so they can lounge where they want.

Supportive care (injections, fluids, etc.) will be administered if needed.  We will attempt to notify you, per your instructions, at your emergency phone numbers if further support or treatment is necessary.  If we cannot reach you, we will treat your pet as needed for its particular problem or issues at your expense.  The cost will vary with the complexity of treatment performed.

Boarding Check-In and Policy Form