COVID-19 Updates

Dear Shaffer Animal Hospital and G.O.D.O.G.S. Clients,

We have received positive feedback so far with the policies we have enacted to ensure we are doing everything possible for the safety of our staff as well as you and your families. It is important for us to balance these extra precautions with the need to remain available to care for our patients with the standards you have come to expect from us.

Please remember

  • We kindly ask you to alert us if you have traveled to high-risk areas, and/or are feeling unwell so we can best determine how to assist you and your pet.
  • If it is possible to postpone your elective, non-emergent surgery, we strongly advise this. We will be limiting our surgery schedule moving forward to allow for emergencies as recommended by federal, state and local authorities.
  • As long as we have the capacity to see wellness exam appointments, we will continue to do so on a limited basis. However, these will be scheduled as drop-off exams ONLY.

We are excited to announce “Virtual Visits”!
If you cannot or do not wish to bring your pet in for an exam, we are now offering telemedicine, or “Virtual Visit” appointments. The fee for this appointment is $35, collected at the time the appointment is booked, and is available to any current patient through our Shaffer Animal Hospital app. This is meant to serve as a bridge for those needing more guidance on whether an appointment requires an exam urgently, or may be able to have other options in the interim. If your pet is ultimately seen as an exam in-hospital, this fee will be credited towards the cost of a full exam.

Please note: if you are concerned your pet requires an emergency visit, please speak with a client care representative on how to best accommodate this.

Scheduled Exams & Surgical Appointments
All SCHEDULED exam and surgical appointments will be curbside, and the lobby to the hospital and G.O.D.O.G.S. buildings will be closed to clients until further notice.

  • When you arrive, please call the office to let us know your vehicle make/model.
  • When we are ready, a technician who will be in personal protective equipment will come out to your vehicle. We ask that your pet be securely confined on leash/collar, or in a carrier, and that you step outside of your vehicle to hand your pet’s leash or carrier to a technician. Some pets are protective of their space, so we respect that and wish to minimize their stress.
  • The technician will call you from inside the hospital to collect some information on the nature of your concern, and then we will call you back after his/her exam to communicate the plan and collect payment over the phone when your pet’s visit is completed.
  • If you have an EMERGENCY, please call the hospital to notify us of any details if advanced notice is possible. REMAIN in your vehicle until the technician is able to triage your pet.

Grooming, Daycare, and Boarding
At this time, we are booking these services on a limited basis. Please call ahead to ensure we can accommodate your pets’ needs.

Medication and Food
Our online pharmacy, Vetsource, will ship medications directly to your home! If you’d like to pick up in person, please give us 24 hours to process your requests via phone or our Shaffer Animal Hospital app; we will call to collect payment over the phone and let you know when it is ready. Simply call to let us know when you arrive and we will bring out your items to load into your vehicle!

Please bear with us as we work out the kinks of these new services. As always, we remain committed to the additional safety and disinfection protocols already put in place. We will continue to keep you apprised of any further changes, and appreciate your patience and understanding.

The Doctors and Staff of Shaffer Animal Hospital and G.O. D.O.G.S Grooming.