Important Hospital Updates Regarding Your Visit!

Examination Appointments:

  • When you arrive for your appointment, park safely in one of our number parking spaces. Please call or text us your name and spot number and one of our client care representatives will assist you.
  • Decide if you would like to remain in your vehicle during the entirety of your pet’s appointment, or would you prefer to be escorted into a waiting room as soon as one is available.
  • If you and your pet are uncomfortable waiting in your car for a room for any reason, you are welcome to come in and wait in our lobby until one becomes available.
  • A technician will come to your vehicle when an exam room to escort you in when a room is ready and has been sanitized.

Emergency/Urgent Care Appointments:

  • For an emergency, please call while on your way to notify us when able.
  • If your pet is stable, please text us upon arrival just as you would for a regular examination.
  • If your pet is in critical condition, please come into the lobby immediately.
  • In either scenario, a technician will triage your pet in our treatment area, and if stable, will be brought back to you to wait for a doctor to be available. If we do not have an exam room available immediately, a doctor and/or technician may communicate over the phone regarding your pet’s health status and treatment plan until we have a room open for you to wait with your pet.

Prescription Refills:

  • Requests for prescription refills or pet food can be made on our refill line during business hours or through the Vet2Pet app at any time. Medications will be completed in 24 hours unless notified otherwise.
  • When picking up refills, the fastest way to receive assistance is still by calling or texting upon arrival. A client care representative will assist you over the phone and bring your products out to your vehicle.
  • If you are uncomfortable waiting in your vehicle for any reason, you are welcome to wait in our lobby for assistance.

Technician Appointments, Surgery Admissions, Drop-Off Appointments:

  • Please continue to call or text when you arrive!
  • We are asking you to remain in your vehicle and continue with the Curbside Concierge Service.
  • All forms are available on our website for your review, and you can submit them prior to your appointment online to save time at the check-in process. Please visit: and click on the forms tab on the top of the page.
  • If a discharge appointment is warranted, we will discuss this process prior to your arrival to pick up your pet.

Grooming and Daycare:

  • Please continue to call 407-366-6738 when you arrive!
  • Given the smaller waiting area in the GO DOGS lobby, we will continue the Curbside Check-in process at this time.